traditional igbo wedding outfit and wrapper

the guests, family members, the bride, and groom display different fabrics and designs. on such occasions, there usually is a dress code chosen by the bride and groom. the colors chosen by the bride’s family might be a different color to that of the groom’s.

even though the bride’s family, friends, and associates might chose to wear purple, the material is the same. if the color choice is gold and blue, the blouse usually is gold and the skirt or wrapper blue. the wrapper or skirtthe wrapper are usually a different color to the blouse and might be plain, have folds, frills, embroidery, or overlaps depending on the woman’s taste.

the wrappers can be a single- or double-piece depending on the choice of the wearer. the coral beads are usually large and prominent, giving balance to the whole ensemble. the handbag should be small and match either the blouse or wrapper to have uniformity.

the head tiethe head tie is an important part of the outfit and is important when wearing a blouse and wrapper. the make up artist should introduce elements and colors similar to the color code for the occasion. she might also choose to carry a feather hand-fan for effect and to accompany her dancing.

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the groom might add a heavy agbada with lots of embroidery on top of his native shirt and trousers. pink head ties, pink blouse, and purple wrapper. conclusioninterestingly, a recurrent color choice favored for the blouse is gold, and purple wrappers are very popular.