style lace christmas ornaments and pearl bead string

handmade, victorian lace christmas ornamentsdecorating a christmas tree with handmade, lace christmas ornaments was quite the thing when christmas trees first came to victorian england. once decorating christmas trees became a popular tradition in england, elaborate ornaments were crafted either by the artisans of the time or by the ladies at home. once you have the needed supplies, all it will take is a few hours of your time and a little imagination to make your very own victorian lace ornaments to decorate your own christmas tree or to give as gifts.

the length will depend on the type of lace and the width of the lace and how full you want the wreath ornament to be. as close to the bottom edge of your lace as possible, while keeping the lace secure to the wire. pull each end of thread to gather the lace into a circle round.

add a strand of pearl bead string for a hanger like you did for the lace wreath and you have another victorian lace christmas ornament to hang on your tree. i didn’t starch the lace on this one. cut a 4″ strand of pearls for the ornament hanger and glue each end to the inside mouth of the ornament.

i like to use pearl bead strings as ornament hangersi like using the pearl bead string the most often for hanging and embellishing victorian christmas ornaments, especially when they are made out of lace. i made it the same way and at the same time i made the lace ball ornament featured above. ribbons were attached to the tussie mussies as hangers and they were filled with candies, little toy gifts or potpourri.

just dip the lace into the solution and again hang to dry. doilies and lace come in a variety of colors, so if you wanted you could glue a red doily to red card stock. put the ends through the holes that you punched, from the outside of the cone to the inside and add a spot of glue to the inside of the cone sides to secure the ends.

even so, i am sure you can get the idea of how cute and easy these are to make at home. glue the lace with the tacky glue to the top edge of the paper, aligning the top edges. glue each end of a 6″ piece of pearl bead string, a nylon thread or a piece of gold cord to the back of the fan with your glue gun and let dry.

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or c.) using a wire ornament hook, hook to the ribbon rose wire and hang. the fan bottom was stapled and a gold ribbon was tied on the bottom in a bow. create a hanger for your fan using either black or gold pearls, or black or gold ribbon.