red nosed reindeer christmas cookies and make rudolph

how to make reindeer cookiesi was recently visiting with my mom and talking about a batch of reindeer cookies that we had made together when i was a little girl. i have a variety of heart-shaped cookie cutters, as well as a traditional gingerbread man shape. you can use your favorite christmas cookie recipe although i took the easy road and made my yummy cookies with store-bought pillsbury gingerbread dough in a tube.

carefully gather dough scraps and repeat. place pretzel twists at top of heart for antlers and gently press into dough. use a small amount of frosting as glue to attach two chocolate nonpareils for eyes and one gumdrop for a nose.

since these cookies are larger and a little cartoonish, i was looking for the perfect “doe eyes.” you can create these cookies without a pastry bag and decorating tip, but it definitely makes things a little easier. separate raw gingerbread dough into smaller sections and roll into balls.

gather remaining dough scraps and repeat. use a small amount of frosting as glue to attach two mini chocolate chips for eyes (around the neck area of the gingerbread man) and one gumdrop for a nose. rolling, cutting, and baking the cookies directly on the parchment paper typically negates the need for flour– which is why i love this method.

– – rudolph the red-nosed reindeer christmas cookies — cooking with , take your dough , instructions, tips, and ideas for making rudolph the red-nosed reindeer christmas cookies using cookie cutters you might already have. , we all know the story of the little red-nosed reindeer who saved christmas. with this recipe, you can make rudolph and all of his friends to helpĀ ,parade magazine, parade food recipes, dolly thumbprint cookies

simply work on sections of parchment paper and place each piece (along with your creations) onto a cookie sheet when it’s time to bake. you want to be able to draw your antlers on with comfort and control. these cookies came out yummy, festive, and whimsical– everything a fun christmas cookie should be.