kids scared and santa

is jolly old santa a creeper and we adults just can’t see it? these days, only a self-confident man would don a faux fur-trimmed, red velvet pantsuit and black work boots then top it off with white gloves. now we’ll uncover the truth behind the myth.

then they race to the local mall, fight for a parking space, and wait among hordes of other eager families, all roped off in long lines. and as parents place their precious offspring in the lap of a complete stranger to quickly — because there are other kids waiting, you see — recount what they want for christmas, well, they feel frazzled and ready to get the hell out of there. but we need to get the photo.

, they’re going to grow up to love santa, of course. but for now, the strange man in a red suit doesn’t suit these babies and toddlers at all. – – son talked big until santa showed up at our house. , for some, santa phobia can spark a christmas crisis.fear of christmas, fear of easter bunny, fear of santa claus phobia, pictures with santa near me, scared of santa book, fear of clowns, claustrophobia fear of santa claus, fear of holes

these are just the practical reasons. perhaps you already noticed that nearly all of the children in the santa photos displayed here seemed to fall in this age range. the duration and intensity of stranger anxiety varies greatly from child to child, with the degree of distress being largely a matter of temperament.