halloween perler bead patterns and make

i’ve put together a selection of easy perler and hama fused bead designs and patterns that are quick to make and look good too. this design, once complete, is a great size to wear as jewelry as part of your halloween clothing or to give as a cute gift.if you want to know how to make a necklace with your finished project, pay a visit further down this page which tells you all about making your own jewelry with perler and hama beads.here’s what you need:a small square pegboard13 black beads | 38 white beadsfor this design, i like to start off with the black bead where the nostrils should be or the nose. this pattern uses a whole small square pegboard to create your design – once you’ve got the black outline in place, you can have fun changing up the colors and design across the rest of the facial area.

alternatively you can use these on the top of cupcakes as gory decorations or mix them in with candy for trick or treating and scare the person who unwittingly pulls them out! add two circles to make a green iris (the colored part of the eye) or choose another color you prefer. i love making up these fun spider web designs in different colors, and they are the ideal size to place on top of frosted cupcakes as inedible toppers for decoration.

if you’re making lots of them then it goes faster if you buy several boards to make the designs with and then get an adult to iron them all at the same time. you need to use one of the star points and start from the 2nd row up using your white beads. lastly two rows of yellow with the final yellow row only having 5 beads.these are very quick makes and you can build up to 3 pieces of candy corn at a time on your star pegboard.

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you can and with the right equipment (very inexpensive too i might add) you can make fun items that you, your friends and family will enjoy wearing.you’ll discover all the basics on my perler jewelry page click here to read it and there is even a handy video there too that you can watch. feel free to leave a comment or even ask a question related to this article and i’ll get back to you as soon as i can.