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spirit of christmassome might say that the spirit of christmas is “as dead as a door-nail” to quote charles dickens. at this time of year, it is customary to gather the family and watch the timeless christmas movies we all love. released in 1946, the movie was produced and directed by frank capra.

he is on the eve of leaving for good, getting ready to pack his suitcase. he decides the only thing to do is to take his own life, so his family can get his insurance money. the movie captures the christmas spirit by displaying the joy of self-sacrifice, redemption, friendship, love, family, loyalty and commitment.

who doesn’t know the words to this song and who doesn’t reminisce about a family christmas when they hear it? the spirit of christmas is revealed in this movie by showing friendship, forgiveness, loyalty, commitment and love. there is much singing and dancing as the characters, dressed in victorian winter garb, entertain us.

each ghost tries to convince scrooge of the error of his money loving, selfish ways and how much he has missed in life the movie reveals the spirit of christmas in redemption, charity, sacrifice, commitment and love. in this lighthearted film, a romance builds between payne and o’hara as he tries to defend kris kringle and legally prove, with the help of the us postal service, that kringle is indeed the true santa claus. in the movie, we are reminded of the innocence of the struggle to believe in something–in this case it is santa claus.

this movie captures the spirit of christmas by love, belief, friendship and giving. however, he plays the role with humor and respect worthy of an angel. it is a delightful surprise because in one of the scenes of that movie, he was sled riding (on a shovel) in the snow.

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so it is true of the child born in bethlehem. he does not live in men’s hearts only one day of the year but in all the days of the year.