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chinese character stroke order
The stroke order of Chinese character is important to learn how to write Chinese. All Chinese characters consist of strokes which should be written in a specific order. The number of strokes is used to classify Chinese characters in dictionaries, so an added benefit of learning strokes is being able to use Chinese dictionaries.
simplified chinese characters
Simplified Chinese characters are one of two standard character sets used in contemporary Chinese written language printing text. The other form is Traditional Chinese. Mainland China generally use this character set.
learn chinese characters
Chinese characters study is perhaps the most challenging part of learning Chinese because it consists of a multitude of complex characters. Chinese language learners are often discouraged by the enormous variety and complexity of characters.
Chinese Character Overview

Chinese characters are all in square block shape like this one: 人 (meaning ‘people’). there are basic structure for Chinese Characters.

Chinese Character

Chinese Characters are the founding block/unit of Chinese language, because one or more Chinese characters form words, phrases, and sentences.



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